Harvesting Is Work

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Broken Vessels Win

Harvest2I have always been fascinated with farming. The idea of taking a single seed, planting it, nurturing it and then that seed dies but in its death yields a harvest so much greater than itself to me is profoundly spiritual. I have a deep respect for farmers, especially those who steward land with care. Farming is hard work. I have noticed that Jesus uses a number of farming principles in his teachings, which brings me to my topic for this post which is harvesting.

Seed-time and Harvest is perhaps one of the most widely used principles in faith teachings . Most believers will know this principle, especially as it pertains to financial giving. This is not where I am going with though. I specifically want to focus on harvesting. If you are like me when you hear harvesting you immediately think of the bounty, abundance and by that I mean…

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I give up…Hahahaha

The Ungrateful Soup


In perhaps the clearest sign of the ailing economy since the news that it will now require approximately four four cocoas to fill basket, the Bank of Jamaica has released a report which highlights the free-falling value of the historically resilient mickle to muckle exchange rate.

Bryan Wynter, Governor of the BOJ, elaborated on the findings at a recently held press conference on the matter. “We regret to inform the nation that the mickle, previously believed to be safe from the fluctuations of the national economy, no longer holds the same stable relationship to muckles we have been taught to believe for our entire lives. This development will of course have immediate and long term effects on every single national and international transaction conducted between Jamaicans for the foreseeable future.”

The Governor went on to point out that the newly released data serves as a useful reminder that no standard of value…

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Crime is a complex thing. And that’s an understatement.

So, I understand the need for a “movement” – something that is going to turn the tide nationally while pulling together all the strands in this web. This morning, the Ministry of National Security launched such an initiative: the start, one hopes and prays, of a genuine, detailed, more thoughtful approach. The movement is called “Unite for Change.”

Minister Peter Bunting believes that violence is a public health problem, in Jamaica and elsewhere. (My photo)Minister Peter Bunting believes that violence is a public health problem, in Jamaica and elsewhere. (My photo)

Minister Peter Bunting gave us a wide-ranging presentation – a pretty thorough overview of crime trends this year and in the previous few years. As he outlined some of the programs his Ministry has embarked on, he referred to the work of epidemiologist Dr. Gary Slutkin, founder/director of Cure Violence. In the same breath, he noted his own collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth Ward, founder of…

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Must read on World Health Day 2014….

Petchary's Blog

We have an implement called a “zapper” in our house. It is rather ugly, made of orange plastic and looks like a small tennis racket. But it does the trick.

It kills mosquitoes.

World Health Day 2014 info graphic. World Health Day 2014 infographic.

This year’s World Health Day (which was today, April 7 –  or still is in our part of the world) focused on vector-borne diseases. Vectors are small creatures such as mosquitoes, sandflies and ticks. These tiny things are not just a nuisance. They affect more than a billion and kill at least a million people a year worldwide, putting more than half the world’s population at risk of diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, river blindness and other terrible infectious diseases.

The Philippines Department of Health performs a "mosquito dance" to raise awareness of vector-borne diseases. (Jay Directo via AFP/Getty Images) The Philippines Department of Health performs a “mosquito dance” to raise awareness of vector-borne diseases. (Jay Directo via AFP/Getty Images)

OK, so you might think this is a “developing…

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Where the heart is…

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A Natural Mystic

Mother Nature in motion…

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The Enigmatic Love


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