Give the People What They Want

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Rants

So this is my first official rant. As most persons know by now I own a Blackberry smart phone. To be exact it is javelin 8900. The network I am using is LIME. Let me state categorically right now that some of these corporate entities are lost in relation to customer service and giving the customers what they want and need.

I was utilizing what LIME terms the “30 day prepaid full bb plan.” I was paying approximately $2210 for the plan, which uses 1,699 worth of credit. On October 30 I received a text message saying that my plan had been suspended and I needed to top-up in order to continue using the service. I had no problem with the plan being suspended as at the time I had used the money for something else. I started to add credit to eventually reach the 1,700, which would be enough to put the service back on. I added 650 worth of credit, then 200, and eventually 900 a few days later. After I had added the first 850, I got a text message saying that I had a balance of -827, which I needed to add in order to get the service for this month.

Naturally, after adding the 900, I was thinking that this would have been enough to clear the negative balance and give me back my service. So like anyone else who was thinking logically, I decided to call customer care and have them put my service back on, since they didn’t do it automatically and they had been collecting for it. To my surprise I had to speak to four different customer care reps and a supervisor. I got five different stories which had one thing in common, that I would not get back my services unless I added an additional 800 worth of credit as the first 850 was subtracted and they could do nothing about it.

I understand the first order of business is to make a profit, however if you don’t know what your customers want or what they deserve then in the end the customer base will only decrease. The situation is further compounded when you have allowed the competition to come into your territory and take over you should make the extra effort to ensure that at the very least you maintain your market share and then add to it.

I said the same thing to all the customer care reps and the supervisor I spoke to. That is, I added 1,750 credit between October 31 and November 10 and I would like my service to be reactivated.

Here is a run down of the answers I got, in order of the five reps I spoke to:

Sir, the first 850 that you added and was subtracted was deducted on November 6 and you can’t get it back… will have to wait 24 hours for it to be resolved.

I am seeing your account and you should not be in any problems since you added the sufficient credit… will have to wait 24 hours for it to be resolved.

Sir I am seeing where you added the 900 but you still need to add the rest to come up 1,699 in order to get back the service, as it is a recurring service and the first 850 was for last month (October)… will have to wait 24 hours for the situation to be resolved.
Sir the first 850 was deducted from your account and u need to re-add it to get back the service.

After the service was suspended the features remained on the phone. Since the features were still on the phone, whatever u added would be taken off after the service was suspended (for real).

I said to the first rep I spoke to that I don’t understand how the credit was deducted without me making any calls and the plan was suspended. This was when I got the wait for 24 hours response. I waited.

25 hours later I called again and got a different rep. and asked her to put my service back on. I explained to her that I have the sufficient credit for which she checked the system and saw that it was the truth. After she couldn’t tell me why it was deducted she said to wait 24 hours. Again I waited.

26 hours later, after getting no response I called again and got another rep. I explained the situation to her and she responded. I told her it was a prepaid service and that the system should tell her that in already paid for that month that I had used. Also even if it is a recurring service then I should get half the month for half the credit and since I had topped up fully eventually, I should then get back my full service. It’s only logical right? I was so frustrated that I told her that I was just “gonna use the 900 and have the sim card deactivated after that,” after all she was just a messenger so it made no sense to shoot her right?

Well the fourth rep wasn’t so lucky to say the least. After I explained to him that he was the fourth rep I spoke and he was telling me the same rubbish like four days later. He was telling all the things I had heard before but differently and when I successfully defended against all his arguments he was being repetitive. A who tell him fi a tell me rubbish a me ears same way? Let’s just say the bbc’s were in abundance and the f-eries were close behind, not to mention that I wanted to talk to the supervisor. After all they were just robots carrying out instructions. I apologized and asked to talk to the supervisor. Then I waited for about 15 mins. After all the previous reps on the previous days had me waiting for hours when the time was accumulated. Again I waited.

When she eventually came on the phone she reiterated what I have been hearing all along and I defended my points again. Then she told me about the features and I said “WHAT!!!!” are you serious? What about the features being suspended from October 30? She said the features remain for a few days and whatever credit is added while the remaining feature is there will be subtracted once it is below 1,699. I felt as if a blood vessel burst in my head.

I said, so why wasn’t I informed about this remaining features policy that lasted for six days? How customer oriented is that? So what if I’m not able to top up all at once? Me nah get back me credit? Really? Are u serious? I mean the people would like to know right? Well she told me I wouldn’t get it back and they don’t brief customers about the remaining features period. So I made her aware that in order to keep their customers they need to keep us informed especially in a situation like this. That is what we want. We need to be informed about everything so we are better able to make informed decisions. Well it seems the profit is much more important than those who provide it. I calmly told her thank you and hang up the phone.

So I say to LIME that you are careless, tactless and ignorant to the need of your customers. You need to revisit the drawing board or soon you will feel the effects of how people really feel about an insipid acidic fruit. So please to give us what we want and deserve. Enough said.

Now I’m going to switch to the digicel network and rid myself of these ignorant, incompetent people who have no care in the world for their customers. That is all.


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