Life’s Learning Experiences

Posted: November 16, 2010 in A Thought As It Happened

I write this post as I travel on the school bus to my home. This is my initial use of the Word Press app for my balckberry.

Right now there are a million thoughts going through my mind. I have, literally a tonne of school work to do, I’m tired, I’m hungry. I want so badly to go to restaurant week, I have to be up early in the morning to go work on my final year campaign. With the passing of each thought comes three new ones. Again, my mind is wandering, and just like that I’m brought back to a new thought, as the bus driver abruptly steps on the break pedal.

Though a wandering mind is only natural for us humans, it points to our pre-occupation with what I would like to call ‘multi-thinking’. We are constanly thinking in advance. Whether it be about somewhere alse, someone else or something else. After all, I just winked and what was the present is now the past, and I think about the future.

What will I wear to work or school tomorrow. Did I make the most of today? Was it all worth it? Were there any additional achievements today? To what end will all this be for? What is my true purpose? Am I working towards this purpose? The mind goes wandering again.

Then suddenly I realised, we think so much because we are unsure of the present though we act to acertain what we want to achieve. We are unsure of the future so we think about what is the best way progress towards achieving what we want to. We were unsure of the past so we think back and ask a million questions and think of the alternatives. Again the mind wanders.

Essentially, I think that our minds wander to give us reassurance. Reassurance gives us security and security gives us peace. Peace is what we need, what we search for, and what gives us the motivation we need to progress to ultimately finding our true purpose.

A thought as it happened.


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