Two Worlds One Love

Posted: December 7, 2010 in For You

What is Christmas like for you? I would really like to know.

Christmas For Me

For me christmas was first and foremost about spending time with the family. I live with my mom’s side of the family, so naturally I would spend christmas with them. However, I also had to spend some quality time with my dad’s side of the family as well.

Two Worlds

So I had two dinners, two sets of conversations (often about the same thing) and two sets of going out and getting up to shenanigans with the family. Also there was always someone new to meet who wasn’t a family member, but shared in with us nonetheless.

Good Times

If there was one time when all the family members on both side made sure they were present, it was at christmas. One thing that was tacitly known was that christmas was compulsary for togetherness.

The food, the fun, the sharing, the caring and most of all the love. Love from everyone all at once. A timeless moment like no other. Memories, catching-up all the great things that make a family a family. Celebrating life, love, religion and blessings. A time where you truly lived.


But as you grow older things change, peolple change and perspectives change. While the traditions remain on my mom’s side of the family, after my dad’s mom (my grandma) died, most of the tradition was allowed to die with her. Now it seems everybody is working, or travelling or just doing christmas with the spouse and children.

Likewise, I’m left wondering if everyone only had the big family get-together because the matriarch (grandma) said it should be so. Whatever the case it’s sad, I miss that side of my family and what we had. In the end the love is there, but what is love without quality time?

Sadly I won’t be here for christmas and must do it on my own this year. I will miss the quality time now more than ever. But as I said times change, people change and perspectives change. With that said christmas is my favourite time of the year. It gives a sense of belonging like no other time. I will forever appreciate christmas.

For You

Whatever the situation with you, I hope you have a fantastic christmas. Many blessings and as many happy returns with those who love you unconditionally. To you and yours, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

PS. Remember to give a little love all day eveyday and especially on christmas day to those who are most in need.


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