Posted: December 11, 2010 in Health and You

It’s only six letters, but it’s quite a fomous word. You use it a lot and if your a college student you use it now more than ever. Yes you’ve guessed it; well no you haven’t, but think about it. If like me you’re always on the go, always rushing, and think there’s just not enough time to get everything done, then it could result in STRESS.

It Begins

Imagine, having a final year research paper, a campaign to plan and execute, a demanding speech writing class, an even more demanding social marketing course and a gender, sex and society course. But wait, add to that the other demands of university life: clubs, societies, sports. Just when you think your plate is full, wait for it, (pow) and you’re hit with the demands of personal life and socializing. Who can forget the relationship(s), the parties and the clubbing? Yeah and you’re only one person. Sounds stressing doesn’t it? Makes you wanna SCREAM!!!!!

Just Do It

So I thought of some easy, fun ways to de-stress. I do most of them and they are relatively free and or cheap. After all, no one likes feeling down and out when life demands so much from us.

There are a million ways to de-stress and escape possible depression and aches and pains that turn up in the body and which overtime could develop into chronic illnesses.

And Scene

The first recommended tip is so easy and effective. It takes a minute or two at most, but works wonders. Yes, breathing exercises. Why? Because the blood is properly oxygenated and so your muscles are relieved. Also you are not rushing or overworking yourself.

Likewise, medition is also another effective way to de-stress. It too relaxes the body’s muscles and calms the nerves. So here’s what I do, I sit comfortably and clear my mind. Then I fill it will all my dreams, all of them, even the ones that seem impossible. See yourself living them, all of them. Good times isn’t it?

Listen to some music. We all have our own specific liking that calms and soothes us when we get tense or become stressed. I love great vocals so I listen to the legends, Garnet Silk, Aritha Franklin, Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston Dennis Brown and the list goes on. But have you ever tried to hold a note way outta your range? Picture it, your going and going and going and your thinking yes I getting the note finally. Then just like that the note drapes you up and ‘box u dung’. Hilarious, and the note skips along on it way. Yes, you will laugh and instantly you feel better. It doesn’t take much.

Everybody knows this next tip and should do it. EXERCISE. It is not only healthy but it reduces stress and reujuvinates the body. You can walk for 30 mins, or jog or if you have access then hit the gym. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Picture it, the first 10 seconds of Missy Elliots Lose Control video. Makes you wanna wild out. So dance. I find choreagraphy too technical and couldn’t do it to save my life lol. So what I do is the universal dance. It has no structure and looks like a bad case of teach me how to dougie. Simple, isn’t it? And you will laugh and instantly you feel relieved. Dancing and singing (at the same time) in the shower is also an amazing way to relieve stress. Just do it.

Get creative. Draw, colour, design, journal, do photography, anything that will put you at ease. Told you it was simple.

This next tip I hold in high esteem. I do it cause it is absolutely necessary. SLEEP. Get sufficient rest. Yes I love my sleep and you should too. If the body is rested then it is better able to handle the tasks that stress you out daily.

Eat A Food. That is all! Listen, your body needs food to survive. Try to eat a balanced diet. Get in the kitchen and do something. Get a fruit or two in the mornings and have some vegetables with your lunch. In between meals snack on some peanuts, milk or other high protein food that you are not alergic to. The snacks will help you to maintain your weight and we all know stress has a way of being mean to the body.

Now this tip like the rest is endorsed by doctors. Yes, a healthy sex life reduces stress. It goes beyond the actual sexual intercourse and includes spending time with the partner and getting to know each other better. Also, it includes developing a healthy channel of communication. Knowing each others body and soul is amazing.

Join a club. There are clubs in the communities, at church and at school. As I said, there are a million ways to de-stress.

Last tip for now is to do a sport. These can be done at the school and community level. It helps to develop inter-personal skills, reduces stress and is healthy.

There are a million ways to reduce stress. But in order to reduce your stress you must manage it. There’s only one way this can be done; Manage Your Time. This is the only way to manage stress and get everything you want done. Get a planner or use the one on your phone. For real, if you’re disorganized it’s like failing to plan, so you plan to fail. Put everything in your planner, to do lists, all the shenanigans you will get up to, all your meetings, club times and game times.

So manage your time and you will be able to do all you want while managing your stress. There are a million ways to de-stress if it finds you. So live a balanced life, paint some, draw, write and teach some. Dance some, love, share and care some. Live happy, be healthy, de-stress, manage your time. Remember life is a stage so make your move and dance 4 life.

  1. Corve says:

    Interesting tips. So virgins are stressed then?

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