Issues Issues Issues

Posted: December 17, 2010 in For You

Issues issues issues. We all have them. Some people have more issues than others and others more issues than some. When it’s all said and done WE ALL GOTS ISSUES. It may personal, relationship, social, mental and or physical. Agreed?

It’s All Right

There’s nothing wrong with having issues. We are all humans and no one is perfect or lives the perfect life. I mean, imagine a world without issues? There would be no one to give good advice to, no one to make fucked up decisions that you would have to bail them out of and no one to turn to for some well needed “ah good you too fool,” or a “me nah look at you enuh,” and lest we forget “due to as how yuh nah no sense tho”. Ringing any bells? Yeah we all have those moments. It’s a part of what makes us an individual, a part of the growth process we go through and apart of some of the most cherished memories in our lives. So you see there is nothing wrong with having issues so don’t be afraid to deal with yours.

Handle Your Business Efficiently

What rubs me the wrong way like most people though is how you deal with it. Now we all deal with our issues differently to some extent. You have the people like me who won’t say a word until I can get over it myself and in my own, but put on a smile every time you see me and you can’t tell I have major issues dealing with. Then you have the people who drink and smoke their way through it without being a problem to anyone. Then there are those who will blog about it to get it off their conscience. Finally there are other people who will write it off, cry it off, scream it off, cuss it off and or a combination of all of the above. But wait, I forgot those people who will take it ‘dash it pon you’ like is you and them.

Look Into Yourself

Those sad little people who don’t know that a listening ear must be treated with respect because it is not compulsory. Those people who don’t know when to deal with their issues. Those people who will say they are your friends but behind your back they don’t really like you because you don’t sit and listen every time it is convenient to them. Guess what you selfish dumb ass, we all have issues, so no one can spend all their time dealing with your issues. There is nothing wrong with wanting to talk about it, I am willing to listen, but don’t expect me to listen every time you think I should.

Just Do It

Go cry, scream at a wall, cuss some claat, do sumn or do what is best, take it to the Lord in prayer. Remember we are all humans and there is a supreme being that guides all of us. Don’t be afraid to take your troubles to that being, whoever or whatever they may be. Oh and please to think before you act, prevent some of the heartache you will throw on the people around you who love and support you. Some of these issues you have you can deal with on your own, yes the ME factor in all of it. Think  about it, you do after all have some amount of common sense, hell use it. Do the smart thing even if you have to think hard about. It is worth a shot, just do it.

So issues are all right and dealing with them is even better, but just do it right or at least learn to do it right. That is all!

And on a good note Merry Christmas when it comes.

  1. Corve says:

    …..I like your tips….cuss some claat.
    Although sometimes that works.

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