Posted: December 22, 2010 in For You

Welcome… to a true paradise on earth and in the C’bean no less.

I visited Atlantis yesterday and it is AMAZINGLY beautiful, casinos, designer shops and high tech facilities it is an experience like no other just touring the place. very beautiful and well kept, each additional portion of the property is done in exactly a one year period.  Worth billions, this is one of the most expensive tourist attractions with suites like that of Oprah going for US$25,000 a night yes a night. Likewise the casino has a chandelier worth US$ 1,ooo,ooo but no pics are allowed in the casino and the christmas decorations were also a whopping US$ 1,000,000.

Ps: Jamaica was offered Atlantis but declined because there was an issue surrounding having a casino built there. What are your thoughts?

Surely you can image how beautiful it is but if not here are some pics I took. I will walk with a better camera next time so here goes Atlantis:


No it’s not a bridge. This right here is the suite Oprah stays in when she come to Atlantis, for US$ 25,000 a night, yes a night.


One of the many beautiful views of the one side of the Royal Tower, of course joined by Oprah’s suite.


The most famous attraction known for at Atlantis is the Aquarium which is designed to create the lost city after which the resort is named.


This is a view of the Water Park with the amazing slides. There are also two slides which run through the aquarium with the sharks, what better way to slide?


Another shot of the Royal Towers, simply beautiful.


Royal tower again from directly below.


There are several of these amazing naturalistic sceneries that have relaxation written all over them.


Yachts are a plenty here and the owners live inside them but eat out and shop and parking is like US$ 100 a day.


Nothing special here but beautiful nonetheless.


The flying horses are one of the ‘must-have-a-photo-here’ parts of Atlantis. any wonder why?


When it is nice you’ve gotta get it twice.


When it is this beautiful a third shot is a must.


Me lol


It’s me again Jah…. chune


The lost city is not so lost anymore when you’re here.


The trees are plenty here.


The Atlantis Chair another must-have-a-photo-here’ part of Atlantis.


Like I’m sure any Jamaican would do I decided to take a photo by the cluster of dragons while I wait my turn on the chair lol


Now all the major designers have boutiques here. This is from Versace as I couldn’t do all the stores and I want my female readers to be a part of the experience. EXPENSIVE!!!


Now this right here is from the Versace store too  and don’t ask the price, just know the dress has 18 karrot gold plates on it.


For the shoe-loving ladies. Dream away.


No money is left unspent when designing Atlantis, it is worth billions for a reason….. beautiful.


Always clean as a whistle and rightly so when your here you have no worries at all


Outside and inside alike are littered with shops, boutiques and cafes.


Upon the boardwalk…..


Look at that, there I go again….


Yup there is a highway here and we have to pay toll to cross the bridge as I’m used since I live in Portmore.


Upon crossing the bridge to Atlantis….

Ridiculously beautiful and expensive, but if you make the clientele list then money is never an issue. Here is Atlantis for me and I hope you like what you see .

  1. Don Giovanni says:

    Yea its awesome and really expensive… couldnt belive some of the prices. Keyrings etc.

    Only thing I didn’t like over there was the conch, on every corner. After see it alive over Atlantis I decided I couldnt eat a snail and no computer stores?!

    Kool still

    • ashethan says:

      Yeah it is ridiculously expensive their clientele are the rich and famous but the place is amazingly beautiful. The conch for Bahamas is what ackee and salt fish is for us. I was offered the conch salad which is raw conch told em NO!!! There is a road that is built of conch shells under the bridge that goes over to atlantis. That is how much they eat and use conch.

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