525,600 Mins of the 11, 563,200 Mins of My Life

Posted: January 14, 2011 in For You

It has been another year today, I am officially 22 and what do you know it dawned on me I’m getting old.  I have been on this earth for 11,563,200 minutes and counting and I have never felt better. The last year has been a profound one. It has reinforced in me that self-motivation; drive, perseverance and patience are some traits that must personify me. It has been a year of trials, insights, successes growth and definitely development.

Challenging Times

There were times when I thought my sanity was in serious trouble and my body was literally 10 seconds away from breaking. Each time someone disappointed me it was like another stab in a wound that was all stabbed out. This just pushed me back into a corner where I said the more I isolated myself from the world and people in it the happier I would be. LIES!!!! The more I isolated myself from the world the unhappier I was because the more I isolated myself the more I kept hating people and hating the world which really owes me nothing.

Fighting The Fight

So I surround myself with the positive and loving people in my life instead of focusing on the disappointments. Disappointments have a way of taking away the power you have and giving it away to those who have disappointed you. Rendering you powerless, angry, bitter and miserable, something that is not me. I learnt in life that though no man is an island, you have to depend on yourself and God (for me) primarily and trust that things will work out for the best. So I do my part or as much as I can and watch what happens. So these days I tell myself that with life anything is possible and find it much easier to believe it.

These days I am happier than I have ever been because I realize I am young, lovable and the chance for happiness is now. The chance for happiness that will last is right now, not later, not tomorrow or any other time in the future for that matter. I smile and laugh and have a great time everyday because it is amazing what a smile can do. It brightens your day, it brightens the world, it can help a friend and it can hide so much. I am working hard for my happiness, happiness that will last.



Then there is the degree that demands so much from me. I have become accustomed to going to school any and everyday of the week at whatever time. This was something I never did before. Weekends were home and work and weekdays were for school but I have learned the hard way that there is no separating them when you want to achieve success. So I tell myself I won’t sleep until it is finish, I will ask questions and get answers, I will be all that I want.

After months of planning I have a campaign to co-execute as soon as I get back in Jamaica for my final Social Marketing assignment at CARIMAC as well as a research paper to catch up to and whatever other courses I need to focus on. But you know what I say, bring it on, these days I am doing things, going places and meeting people because I firmly believe the WORK MUST BE DONE. Of the last seven birthdays I have had last year was the only one that did not find me working.

Getting There

I know where I am and where I want to be and the end is all I see. The hurdles and curves I have to surpass to get there will not deter my trail of thought. I will have a great time attaining greatness and always look good doing it. I have danced, modeled, managed, planned and produced shows here in the Bahamas on a professional level without any experience. I have never been healthier, looked better and I am learning and doing something new everyday.

I am only human so of course I will have the downs with the ups. That is why I always encourage and help as best I can because sometimes all we need is a helping hand or someone to remind us who we are. So to all my brothers, all the people who have disappointed me, all the people who love me, all my friends from CARIMAC and all my other friends and very important my family, Thank you for making the last year one I will never forget. You have kept me sane and happy. It just goes to show that it keeps getting better and I will drink to that.

  1. HelloJamz says:

    Happy 22 and all the best for 2011 :). I hope I’ll have this much insight when my 21st comes around.

  2. ashethan says:

    Thanks much I appreciate and I wish it for you too and pre-happy 21 lol

  3. zedd says:

    2 thumbs up! Much insight for one your age indeed. Happy 22nd birthday 😉

  4. Hope you’ll be in JA for the next birthday. 🙂 Can you be quiet about getting old..I’m turing 24 this month and I’m thinking 6 from 30….damn…

    Keep being who you are.


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