Posted: January 19, 2011 in A Thought As It Happened

Damn yute u missing out enuh…..

Wait a minute, just pause for a second, pull up and wheel and come again. Am I for real? Never ever enuh, not even one single, solitary one. Can you believe I have one semester left before completing my degree and outside of Integration Thursdays I have never ever ever been to one a those million parties that are held at UWI, UTECH or put on by those regular promoters ever? Not one Barcode, Smudge, Bar-rage or anything like that. Am I that different? Something must be wrong with me. I’m sick, it’s been almost three years and I have never been to one a those parties.

Then just when I thought things could not get any worse I have never been to a UWI fete final or freshers, never been to UWI Carnival and I have only been on campus two Saturdays and two Sundays in all my time at UWI. It just dawned on me that UWI is not my place to shine. I am not shining at at all. Why is it I never been to any of these events? I have friends I could stay with, that was not the cause. I know how to have a good time, I think. I get good grades. I have friends who attend these parties and who are promoters of these parties, so what happened?

The search is on…….

I wish I really knew the answer. It is one of the things I intend to find out at all costs. Am I not missing out on a lot by not going to these parties that are for my age group and are the in-thing to do? I’m not the kinda person to turn my nose up on anyone. However, for some strange reason I never felt compelled to go to any of these parties.

I don’t know, I think it is my fear of possible drunken young adults and what they are capable of, which will trigger my rage. Now here is the deal, if I go out to have a good time I’m gonna have a good time. I mean we all like to have a good time, right? Having a good time is not getting high or wasted.

And Scene………

Now imagine putting on your clothes and going out to have a good time right. Then you’re there with your friends and everything is going well. Things are going so well that the person beside you is having a blast and gutting down more liquor than English men at a pub party. Fine, we are all having an amazing time, the music is pumping and everyone is moving. Then suddenly someone’s (that same person beside you) inside decides it can’t take no more liquor and it’s time to get some of that liquor out the body and up it comes all over you and your clothes.

Now you tell me what should stop me from committing murder on spot? You’re old enough to be there drinking away but not old enough to you’re not an igloo? Huh? Really? Then to make matters worse you are drunk and have no idea what your doing, making a mess of yourself so you can wake up and say “Jah know me n’even member wha gwaan cause me drink so much liquor dawg”. If I allow bad judgment to get the better of me is the doc in the hospital you a go ask what happened.


Oh well but that won’t happen because I have a way of avoiding potentially stupid situations. I’m all for these parties and everyone going and enjoying themselves. But what is wrong with having a few drinks , knowing your limit so as to not be at the bar every three minutes and having a great time? Nothing is wrong with that. You drink, you dance you have a good time but do it responsibly. With that said I will be going much more this year and I do go out enuh just not to the UWI parties. I love fiction and I’ve even been to The Building once, I’ve been to jazz and Blues, ATI and the like.

Can you believe…..

Yeah I still want to slap that girl and her friend at ATI who were stone drunk and vomiting and staggering about the place. On that note I enjoy mature, responsible party goers. So even if you’re not that mature at least be responsible.


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