One Month and Eight Pounds Heavier

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Health and You

I wrote a post called Building Me and Building You which addressed the Ectomorph body type. After having the chance to go work in the Bahamas over the Christmas Holidays I decided that I would have at least gained 5 pounds. I prayed I could gain 10 pounds in the four weeks but five was the least. accomplished I gained eight pounds of muscles through exercising and drinking a protein shake. so here is what happened:

The protein mix I used was ProFlex20 Protein Milk Shake. A delicious mix of proteins that tastes like vanilla ice-cream it builds and recovers the muscle through absorption of the proteins. I drank it once a day for three weeks, even the days I did not go to the gym.

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I went to the gym six days a week which is when I worked and rested on Sundays. on average I spent 60 to 90 minutes in the gym and alternated between lower and upper body exercises with abs everyday.

Warming Up

I was encouraged to work my upper-body in the order of chest, back, triceps and then dumbbells. here is what I did:


To warm up I ran the treadmill for 10 minutes at an incline of five and a speed of eight km/h. yeah it is the best way to warm up trust me. After warming up I stretch my muscles.

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3 4

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Upper Body

chest press chestp

This machine: Chest Press, works the pectoralis, anterior deltoids and triceps all at once.

fly fly2

This machine: Fly, works the pectoralis major and the anterior deltoids at the same time.

rowrear deltoids rrdelt

This machine: Row/Rear Deltoid, works the posterior deltoid, trapezius, rhomboids and latissimus dorsi all at once and these are all back muscles.

abs abs2

Abdominals are of major importance for us  ectomorphs so I do each time I visit the gym.

Deltoids and triceps of Shoulder press shoulder

This machine: Shoulder Press,  works the deltoids and triceps together.

upper shoulder press uppershoulderpress

25 lbs on each side – More shoulder presses.


45 lbs on each side – More chest work.

dumb dumbells

Finally the dumbbells (25 lbs each) bring an end to the weights.


This is my daily upper-body work out. I do six sets of ten on each machine and three sets of 20 with the dumbbells. I do upper-body stretches in between each set and rest for two to three minutes as well. After exercising I drink my shake and that is it.

  1. Jamaal says:

    Great tips, I’ve had a hard time gaining muscle (and just weight) myself.

  2. Corve says:

    Like the images….good job

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