21: Phenomenal Talent

Posted: March 6, 2011 in For You, Reviews
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Adele has cemented herself as one of the best artiste of the last two decades. After the runaway hit that was 19, her first album, she has grown and definitely graduated on 21, her second album that was released on February 22, 2011. Yes she has done it again, hardly do you find and album with all the songs being hits and if it’s one thing that Adele has proven is that she naturally turns out hits after hits after hits. Did I mention she keeps turning out hits?

A welcomed breath of fresh air to the music scene, Adele shot to success with Chasing Pavements off the 19 Album, which earned her the Grammy’s Best New Artiste for 09. Then there was 21. The first song I heard off the Album was Rolling In The Deep, first release track back in December and I was like WOW “Adele a shattttt a ways still.” But what struck me the most about Rolling In The Deep was the gospel sound. There was that Southern Gospel sound that’s alive and reverent at the same time. That feeling that will get you in the spirit. The base drums, the rhythm and her vocals arrangement were perfectly constructed to create Rolling In The Deep, which has been catching on with everyone.

Make no mistake, Adele’s voice is like no other and when I say she is a vocal powerhouse just listen to anyone of the songs on 21 or 19 for that matter. If you know of or have ever seen a scene shot in a Sothern Revival or Baptist Church then you know what a vocally powerful performance is. Adele exudes that adult contemporary vibe, which is apart of her maturity and which sets her apart from the usual we hear in mainstream music. Now what makes 21 the frontrunner for 2011 is that: All the songs are relatable, the Southern Gospel vibe is a welcomed difference backed by awesome vocals and to top it off there is the human element. Adele remains firm yet vulnerable; and decisive yet you can’t help thinking she won’t fall into the same trap again, not because she didn’t learn but  because when it comes to matters of the heart there is that flexibility that allows for repeats of mistakes.

If there’s one thing we can all relate to is a relationship and the entire album deals with relationships. Rolling In The Deep deals with the ever so often break-up. Clearly Adele was left dancing on her own and as is always the case Mr. Heartbreaker will go through hell as she inflicts a full dose of scorn on him. In my estimation this is the track that uses that Southern Gospel vibe the most. AND her voice, that voice, how she uses it and the complementing instruments that will leave you awe struck, simply amazing.

The second track on the album, Rumour Has It is quintessential of the of the triangular relationship we know all to well. This rhythmically groovy track backed by Adele’s vocal prowess is topped off by a playful girly vibe known to fuel drama in three-way relationships.  The “he said, she said, I said but we never meant” is all over this track.

Relationships often go sour and the first instinct of a broken heart is retaliation; and Adele retaliates on several occasions. When she couldn’t have who she wanted she says, “never mind I’ll find someone like you,” in Someone Like You, which makes ‘taking a bow’ and ‘moving to the left’ seem like epic failures. Love burns when wronged and Adele makes it clear that when she’s hurt her tears of fire will burn Mr. Heartbreaker in Set Fire to the Rain. This track is backed by Adele’s raw powerful vocals and exudes her vulnerability to love. Likewise, Take It All, Turning Tables, Don’t You Remember all deal with break-ups and heartbreaks.

Like a true champion of love Adele tries again in One and Only daring to have her chance to prove she is worthy of love, being loved and willing to go the extra mile for love. We all said Bruno mars was was crazy for Grenade, but if you listen to Make You feel My Love, the itunes bonus track, then you will better understand what Bruno was talking about. other tracks on the album include: He Won’t Go and Lovesong.

Frontrunners: Rolling In The Deep, Set Fire To The Rain, Rumour Has It, Someone Like You, One and Only.

A unique blend of rhythm, vocals and arrangements makes 21 intrinsic of an Album of the Decade status. Take a listen you won’t be disappointed at all. 21 is certified real, grown and sexy and truly a Masterpiece.

Complete track list:
1. "Rolling in the Deep"
2. "Rumour Has It"
3. "Turning Tables"
4. "Don’t You Remember"
5. "Set Fire to the Rain" 
6. "He Won’t Go"
7. "Take It All"
8. "I’ll Be Waiting"
9. "One and Only"
10. "Lovesong"
11. "Someone Like You"


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