When Mi Spirit Go Fi Nuh Tek Yuh Enuh!!!!!

Posted: May 24, 2011 in A Thought As It Happened, Ramblings
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“This may sound hilarious, serious, even stupid or down right uncalled for but the truth of the matter is mi spirit nuh tek yuh enuh. Now you can feel how you want, I don’t care. It’s a new day and I gave you my time and energy and the sex was good, the friendship was good and or hey I was fine without knowing you. Whatever the case, mi spirit nah tek yuh. I’m doing me cause guess what… everybody else a look out for demself ALONE enuh so right now I’m flying solo,” in my mind.


Pause for a minute and let us talk about this life. I know not if it is that we are a liberated and motivated…..no scratch that …a tremendously empowered society or we are lost as to what a relationship is. From all accounts, gone are the days when I cared so much I would catch a grenade for you…well not really but you know what I mean. The days when you had to experience some rough patches to appreciate and value the good times. Where exactly is the love? The real intimate care that came with the sex we are having when we are supposed to be sharing apart of ourselves? Yes casual sex is the new in thing and people are thirstier than ever, but sas crise, what is really going on?

I imagine as a society we have all been empowered to some degree. Is it that we are so empowered that we can’t think about anyone but ourselves all day every day? I have to wonder if it is human nature to selfish. This is not even about sex, but about all forms of relationships whether biological, intimate or otherwise. Are we so empowered that we will use any and every one to get what we want at that specific time we want it and not care about the effect it has on them? Are we all that lonely, thirsty, or selfish? If the answer is yes then we are quickly failing as humans and if you can fail at being a human then might as well the rapture did happen.

Yes, it is ironic that no one wants to be useless or worthless but no one likes being used or worth too much. For let’s face reality here, even the perceived priceless person will want another person that is perceived to be of less worth, even if it for a minute and for a worthless cause. Believe it or not, worth carries with it, responsibilities and we are not always appreciative of the responsibilities we are given. In the end we are capitalist society that places a value on everything and more often than not people are being given a monetary worth. Yes I said it, it is human nature and by extension the nature of society to value people by monetary worth than as people as we all are. As long as me a get wha me want and things go my way, me spirit will tek yuh.

But I digressed somewhat just now. Back to how mi spirit nuh tek yuh. At some point in your life you have either used the term or heard someone used it. It has become, through convention and more recently context, a very powerful excuse to take a quick exit out of a situation, relationship or what was perceived a relationship as soon as a hurdle presents itself. Let’s face it we all love the good times, but how much of us are equipped to or want to wait out and work through the tough times? Why should I compromise for you? Life is too short and there are plenty more where you came from and in fact you are not my perfect soulmate!!!!


Stick a whole heap a pins here!!!!!! A critical part of any relationship whatsoever is compromise. We have different dreams, different perspectives, different methods of dealing with similar situations and different ways of thinking. Fine! Opposites attract or so they say. But what are all your dreams and perspectives and general way of life worth if you’re gonna be LONELY? How about you communicate, make the commitment and comprise where necessary so that the two persons can and will achieve their dreams and maximize their full potential or at least try to?

I mean we are sociable creatures, at some point no matter how hard we hold out, we are going to need someone to share a life with. Someone who will put up with our otherwise, crazy behaviours; someone who will be there to push you and encourage you when all hope seems lost and someone to…yes I dare say it….catch up yuh stomach wid. Yes our hormones have a way of getting the better of us. Dare I crush your dreams while we are at it? There is no…and I repeat NO PERFECT SOULMATE. Guess what? No one is perfect #ThatIsAll!!!! And don’t come with the life is too short excuse, cause if that’s the case you should live your potentially short life being happy…SURPRISE!!!!!


As soon as you hit a rough patch it’s, me spirit nuh/nah tek you…and before you know it you are out the door and what was once promising and showing potential fades into nothingness. After all mi spirit a tek someone else, whose spirit nah tek me but hey that’s beside the point. Is it so scary to value all your relationships and interactions that you would rather wrong someone or end something because you fear getting hurt? I mean if you end it before the other person thinks I don’t measure up then you have boasting rights and walk away looking like the winner, right? Well I will let the loneliness, anguish and guilt work that one out with you if that is the case.


Until then…stop making excuses bout your spirit that you don’t even consider until it suits you. Your replies are always welcomed.


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