Two Years Later…

Posted: January 14, 2013 in For You
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Indeed, the last time I wrote a birthday-related post was in January 2011 when I turned 22 ( Now at age 24, I’m convinced I’m getting old. It seems like only yesterday, literally, that I was writing my last birthday post. I have been on this earth for 12,614,400 minutes and counting and I have so much to give thanks for and have learned so much that I can honestly say I’ve changed for the better since 2011. To say it was a profound year would be an understatement. Many can recall that I worked at the Lifestyle desk of the Jamaica Observer ( for one year and seven months terminating my contract in December 2012; in a demanding job to say the least that has afforded me the opportunity to meet so many interesting people. However, I often times missed out on moments that mattered to me personally, but at the time the job was my first priority. I’ve become more self-motivated than ever before. My drive, perseverance and even my patience, God bless my patience, ­ ­ have experienced renewed growth. No doubt, it has been, as all the other years have been, one of trials, insights, successes growth and definitely development. Well-rounded, necessary development.

The Challenges Continued…

Trust when I say that to endure the work and environment I did is a nerve-working test of your mettle and your professionalism. I have had to endure, for the most part, unfair, unjust experiences in the name of being a professional. Experiences that have tested my sanity, creativity, know-how, ability to adapt and execute my tasks in a way that would result in excellence. At the end of the day, it was achieving excellence at all costs. I make no apologies for enduring that time. It has taught more than I think I would have learned in another job at the time. Those who have been close enough to know me, know that I’m a survivor and I was built to survive. But even survivors must move on. My former job also played a huge role in me being more sociable. I’ve met countless new people every day on assignments and got to learn so much more about the corporate world and world at large. It was truly a NECESSARY experience. It was worthwhile, too, seeing how well I could cope with the strict belief that the universe owes me nothing, and that I played the most important role in achieving my goals. If I can’t see myself achieving, then no one will have faith in me, or see me achieve.

Round Two, Fight!

I continue to surround myself with positive people, keeping those who love me around for as long as I can. I never spend time focussing on disappointments, rather I move on with a lesson, knowing that there will be obstacles. Knowing that the primary focus is on completing the journey and not the journey itself, is the goal. I’ve refused to give away my power to those who have disappointed me. No more rendering me powerless, angry, miserable and bitter. No changing me for the worse. I always strive to be a little better than I was the day before, to help all those who I can, and share a smile, a thought, a word of motivation and inspiration. To make a positive impact on someone else. I continue to work hard for my happiness; happiness that will last.

Hello 2013…

And already I have plans to do so much more than I’ve done last year. Plans that will take me closer to realising my dreams and my full potential. After months of working and dreaming and planning, I’m rejuvenated and ready to hit the ground running. I’ve had to make some very serious decisions that I will have to live with and am prepared to live with. Social Marketing remains my passion and I’m going after it with renewed drive for 2013. It will be hard work, but my journey continues, doing things, going places and meeting people because I firmly believe the WORK MUST BE DONE.

Getting There

I may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel today, or tomorrow, perhaps, but I know I’m on my way to that light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve always had to cross hurdles and sidestep curves to achieve what I want. It’s only natural. I continue to develop on my quest to achieving my goals. To achieve my personal success, to love impartially, learn eternally, dream infinitely, love passionately, give abundantly and fear not uncertainty.

The Supporters Are…

I could not conclude this post without saying a big thank you to everyone I have met and interact with in the last two years. I’m thankful for another birthday, all the high points, the low points, the in-between points. To my family, whom have continued to support me every minute of every day. To the FORTIS brotherhood (Michael, Devaro, Dhane, Maestro and everyone else); my CARIMAC friends; the globetrotters; my co-workers, acquaintances; other friends and former clients I served in my past job. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Every meeting, conversation and collaboration has taught me something new. Thank you for sharing something with me, the stubborn, always ok even when it’s obvious I’m not; always have to handle things my way in my own time individual. It’s unforgettable in every way and you continue to keep me sane and happy. It just goes to show that it will keep getting better and I will drink to that… again.


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