Harvesting Is Work

Posted: May 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Broken Vessels Win

Harvest2I have always been fascinated with farming. The idea of taking a single seed, planting it, nurturing it and then that seed dies but in its death yields a harvest so much greater than itself to me is profoundly spiritual. I have a deep respect for farmers, especially those who steward land with care. Farming is hard work. I have noticed that Jesus uses a number of farming principles in his teachings, which brings me to my topic for this post which is harvesting.

Seed-time and Harvest is perhaps one of the most widely used principles in faith teachings . Most believers will know this principle, especially as it pertains to financial giving. This is not where I am going with though. I specifically want to focus on harvesting. If you are like me when you hear harvesting you immediately think of the bounty, abundance and by that I mean…

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